Names are important!

Hi All,

So i’ve been working away hard at my day job and still looking at how I can progress this work. So here are a few things that I’ve put down as notes.

First off, lets get started with names of things.
There are plenty of things in the system that require names, things that both shape the universe and give us grounding points for the whole game/system. These names are important so that we can flesh them out, add content to them. Give them substance.

So lets kick off naming important things:

The Game masters’ Guide will be “The Base Operators Manual” – We want to have the game able to be set in any city (and technically any country even though the term Directive 51 refers to a US Presidential order) and just as New York has the James Farley Post Office as their Base of Operations, your city will need it’s base and each base needs a leader; someone to co-ordinate the agents, to manage the resources and arrange the missions that effectively allow the game to progress.

Along with the Base Operators Manual, every agent will need a guide. The Player’s handbook  will effectively be called the “Field Operations Guide” – This will contain the information needed to generate your character and what you can expect from the the game and the world that it entails.

And Finally, since we’re using the FATE system we need to bring the FATE Points in under our reskin and for this I can think of nothing better than Phoenix Credits. These will be gained from doing things your base operator wants, or by performing feats inline with your character. All the things that you would normally do to gain FATE points. This is a distinct break from the source game as you will not be able to spend them to gain weapons etc but rather use them to influence the game and how your story plays out.

Hopefully these will all make sense as we start putting together Directive51RPG.


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