Skills & Stats in Directive51 RPG

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. Since the last time, I’ve worked out a basic combat system for the RPG. This will also have an effect on checks, skills and other parts of the system, but you’re not here to read me prattling on about the creation process, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Stats & Skill Points

As we know, The main game has 3 main stats: Firearms, Toughness, and Electronics. In Directive51RPG these are split down into 2 distinct stats each.

Firearms: This is made up of Precision and Reflex.
Toughness: This is made up of Health and Armour
Electronics: This is made up Tech and Savvy

So, what does this mean?

Within Directive51RPG, as you level up your character you will get skill points to assign into these stats. From this we get the Stats check and the dice needed to resolve it. This also applies to combat.

What’s a Stat’s check?

A Stats check is something you’ll get requested to make when you character goes to do something. This measures the success that you have in doing so.
To make a stats check, you check the amount of points you have in that stat or combination of stats, roll the dice needed and see how many successes you have (a success is a roll of 4 or more on any single die/dice).

Oliver wants to Hack the computer to get the DNA samples required for Jessica Kandel, to do this he requires to know where the best place to hack would be. He rolls a Savvy check and gets a success. Finding their entry point, He realizes this hack will take time.. and the support of his team while he performs his hacks. Each hack attempt will need a full Electronics check (both Tech and Savvy scores combined) and multiple successes.

Moxie wants to defuse a bomb, This requires her to use a combination of Savvy and Precision (mixing stats from Firearms and Electronics). She makes her roll and doesn’t get enough successes on this Try. The bomb’s timer starts to run down quicker… she’s a little stressed. She tries again and gets a success. The bomb has been defused.

Getting Ahead – Where do my Stats points come from.

At the start of the game you’ll acquire a base level, have a character back story/profile and a specialism. Further to this, at each level you’ll gain some points to spend as you want.

Base Levels

Base Levels are the same for all characters no matter what or where they come from. This is 1 point in Health, 1 point in Savvy.

Character Back Stories

You didn’t start out as an Agent. When the event happened and you were activated, you went to action, but before that.. what did you do, what kind of person were you. This is your character back story.

Whilst I haven’t figured out all of the potentials, here are a couple of examples:

You were a Police officer in the local district as such you had some extra weapons training. Additionally, you have a heightened fitness due to the constant patrols.
Police Officer Back story gives 1 point to health and another to Precision.

You were an Emergency Medical Technician for the city. You needed to be fast thinking and respond appropriately.
The EMT Back story gives 1 point to both health and savvy.


Everyone has their niche, their speciality. Shd Agents are no exception. Specialism gives you an extra point in a certain stat. Generally this should be selected inline with the back story. But this is your choice. As for the way it’s worded and the selection, this is between you and the Base Operator/Game runner.

Levelling Up

As you level up your characters, you’ll earn more points which you can assign into any of the 5 available stats, those being Precision, Reflex, Health, Tech and Savvy.  Armour is tracked via Gear and as such, not something you can put points into.

Next time: Stats to Dice. Converting to the physical.


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