Exceptional Skills, Exceptional Points. Phoenix Credits in Directive51RPG

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In Our last Post we briefly touched upon the usage of Phoenix Credits in Directive51RPG and their usage to be able to re-roll dice. In this post we’re going to expand the topic and cover how Phoenix Credits, how to get them and how to spend them.

Phoenix Credits – Differences.

In the Video Game, Phoenix Credits are a special currency that you can use when making purchases from direct vendors. You get them from completing missions, opening caches etc etc.

For Directive51RPG – I really wanted to keep Phoenix Credits in the game while not having multiple currencies to deal with. In Directive51RPG Phoenix Credits are not used to purchase special weapons, gear etc instead they are a Meta Currency. Not used inside the game world at all.

Meta Currency? What’s a Meta Currency?

Within Directive51RPG, we have the main Credits system which is the only funds you have in game (DarkZone Credits are no different here). A Meta Currency is something that you as a Player can use, not one your Agent can.

What can/can’t I use Phoenix Credits for?

Phoenix Credits can be used in many ways. A few examples:

  • Re-Rolling Dice
  • Arm Twisting the Base Operator
  • Persuading another Player to give your Agent their Agent gear just acquired
  • Resisting a Compel the Base Operator is using. (see later post about Compelling Play)

You cannot use Phoenix Credits to:

  • Purchase items for a vendor

The General rule is:
If the the Agent is trying to spend Phoenix Credits, you can’t. If the Player is trying to do something, you Can.

How do I gain Phoenix Credits?

  • Each Player starts with 1 Phoenix credit per their Agent’s starting level. Level 1 Agents get the Player 1 Phoenix Credit, Level 2 gets the player 2 etc.
  • When the Base Operator compels you to do something  you earn 1 Phoenix Credit  (see later post about Compelling Play)
  • At the end of each play session, if you’ve acted within the best interests of SHD and The Division, you’ll earn 1 Phoenix Credit.
  • From your Team mates as part of a convincer

How do I Spend my Phoenix Credits?

When the situation comes up, you simply state that you wish to spend a Phoenix Credit to perform the action.

Spending on Re-Rolls

When you do not succeed in a roll or check. Before the result is processed, you state you’re spending a Phoenix Credit to re-roll. You then deduct the point from your total and Re-Roll the same dice previously used.

In the situation of Mixed Skills, you cannot change the dice selection at this point. A Phoenix Credit spend will only allow you to re-roll the SAME dice you have just rolled.

Resisting a compel

In a future post we will cover Compels and how they work for the impact of the game. For now, if your Base Operator compels you to do a particular action, you can declare that you are spending a Phoenix Credit to resist the compel. Normally, you would receive an extra Phoenix Credit for following the Compel, of course if you resist you do not get this extra Credit.

Persuading your team mates

If there’s a particular piece of gear your team-mate’s Agent has just found, or you wish to convince them to run into the burning building 1st, Leroy Jenkins style, you can do so by offering to give them Phoenix Credits from your total.

If they agree, you deduct the amount from your total and they add the same amount to theirs.

If the team-mate reneges on the deal, the Phoenix credits are returned and the reneging Team Mate loses and additional 20% of their total remaining Phoenix Credits (we aren’t a bunch of Rogues here after all)

Next time: Compelling Play. How and why your Character matters


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