Consumable Items

Within Directive51RPG – we will have the usual Consumables for you to use.

Using a Consumable

Your Agent can use a consumable item either in or out of combat. When out of combat, they do not trigger the Group Cool-down Duration but nor do they get the Over Time Effects, instead they are used up instantly.
During combat, using a consumable can be done as a Minor Action or as a Reaction (see Combat rules for more information)

Acquiring Consumables

Consumables will usually be available in limited stock at safe houses without cost and at vendors around, again in limited stock but for a price. Additionally after combat players can roll a scavenging check for bonus items (see talents for more information)

Consumable Limits

By default you can only hold 3 of any Group of consumable items. This means that you can only have a maximum of 3 food items, this can be made up on any combination of “Canned Food” and “Snack bars”. The same applies for Ammo and Drink groups.
Medkits are their own group, but this is also capped at 3 medkits carried at any one time.

Group Cool-downs

When we talk about Group Cool-Downs, we don’t mean your squad or team. When you use a particular consumable, the cool-down triggers at the time of usage and applies to all items in that Consumable group. E.G. – use a Snack bar and you cannot use a Can of food during while the Food group Cool-Down is in place. Same for the Drink and Ammo groups, each group applies the cool-down time to it’s own consumable group.

Consumable Group Consumable Type Immediate Effect Over Time Effect / Duration Group
Food Canned Food Gain 1 health point for 5 rounds – +1 to any healing gained 8 rounds from usage
Food Snack Bar Gain 1 health
clear status effect
– None – 3 rounds from usage

Drink Water +1 to Precision After 2 rounds, -1 to Precision.

For 5 rounds, add 1 Damage to Elite Enemies on all successful attacks

3 rounds from usage
Drink Soda 1 to Reflex After 2 rounds -1 to Reflex. 3 rounds from usage

Ammo Incendiary Bullets – None – For 5 rounds, for successful hits roll a d6, if successful – apply Burn Effect to the Enemy 8 rounds from usage
Ammo Explosive Bullets – None – For 5 rounds, for successful hits roll a d6, if successful – add 2 damage to the score. 8 rounds from usage

Medkit Gain 5 health Points

Clear status effect

– none – 1 round from usage