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Directive51RPG Weapons.

With the soon to be officially released rules for combat, I thought it would be a good idea to document how I see weapons working. Weapon Types in Directive51RPG Within Directive51RPG there are 6 types of weapon, each with its distinctive bonuses/pros/cons. Assault Rifles Assault rifles are general all round damage dealers, without anything special. […]

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Consumable Items

Within Directive51RPG – we will have the usual Consumables for you to use. Using a Consumable Your Agent can use a consumable item either in or out of combat. When out of combat, they do not trigger the Group Cool-down Duration but nor do they get the Over Time Effects, instead they are used up […]

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Becoming an eXPerienced Agent

Within Directive51RPG, like any other RPG, you will need to have a way of improving your Agent. With Each Level you get new stat points to allocate as you like, the higher level the more stat points you get. While the video game has a max Level of 30, Directive51RPG has no upper limit, but […]

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