Directive Intel – RPG Updates & Info

Consumable Items

Within Directive51RPG – we will have the usual Consumables for you to use. Using a Consumable Your Agent can use a consumable item either in or out of combat. When out of combat, they do not trigger the Group Cool-down Duration but nor do they get the Over Time Effects, instead they are used up […]

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Becoming an eXPerienced Agent

Within Directive51RPG, like any other RPG, you will need to have a way of improving your Agent. As with the video game, we have a max level of 30, so does Directive51RPG. Your Agent starts at Level 0, with 0 experience. With each mission you complete, you will earn Experience Points (XP). The more XP, […]

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Content Update 2017-01-26

Hi All This should be a small piece of information regarding the state of things. In an attempt to minimise the complexity, I had originally chose the Fate system. Unfortunately this has led to complications and not enough action. Fate is an awesome system but it’s very Narrative and as such it doesn’t seem to […]

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